Not So Famous Place Of Amritsar - Pul Kanjari

Pul Kanjari is a popular tourist destination in Amritsar and is about 35km from both Amritsar & Lahore.

It is another heritage sight built by Maharaja Ranjit Singh.T he Maharaja would often rest and leisure here in the majestic Baradari while passing by along with his royal troop and retinues. Despite a ruined fort and a baoli (a bathing pool), this heritage sight has a temple, a Gurudwara and a mosque which bespeak of the secular concerns of the Maharaja. The name 'Pul Kanjari' sounds rather odd as 'Pul' means a bridge and 'Kanjari' is a dancing woman or girl. There is a strange story behind this name and it relates to the Maharaja and his favourite 'Kanjari' called Moran.

People used to come to Pul Kanjri from different parts of the country, including Amritsar and Lahore, for shopping. Initially, the town was occupied by Arora Sikhs, Muslims and Hindus who lived in unison till the Partition. This historic town has been condensed to a small village now. Those who survived the ruthlessness in 1947 fled the place and settled in Amritsar, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Delhi, Mumbai and other parts of the country.

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