Best Things To Buy From Amritsar

Amritsar is best known for its rich heritage and exhilarating culture which has been prevailing since last four centuries. It is picturesque in its own unique way. From the Street Food to the Suits and Traditional things like Phulkaris , Sandalwood carvings etc which can be found in one of the city’s famous KAPRA MARKET, the city has countless things to offer in a manner that is not heavy on the pocket of the tourists. It has an immense spiritual importance as it can be little touristy during festivals especially of Sikh religion. Visit this beautiful city with its umpteen number of attractions and book a rejoicing stay at  The vibes of the city is very serene and it gives an instant relief to all the senses of the body. The best things to buy from Amritsar are:


Amritsar is known for its famous traditional apparels.It is rightly said that apparels define a city’s culture and heritage. Amritsar lays out a huge number of options for the ladies. Salwar suits,Patiala Salwar ,Embroidered Suits ,Punjabi jutisetc are found in abundance in the shops of Amritsar. Kapda Bazaar which literally  means 'Clothes Market' is the one place in Amritsar that is crowded with buyers all the time. It is Situated near Town hall, the place buzzes with teenage girls and old ladies who are on a hunt for eye-catching apparels. 

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We suggest you to buy suits from Punchratan Prints , they will offer wide range of variety at a very good price.  Punjabi Jutis you can from Hall Bazaar and Katra Jaimal Singh where you can also find many sellers for suits , saris etc.

Food Items

One cannot leave Amritsar without picking up the lip smacking Amritsari Papad , Wadiyan and Pickles. Another thing which is very famous is the bread which is specially made in Amritsar and can be eaten with soya chunks and pulses is popularly known as Kulcha. You can also find home-made pickles, jams and savory items in the old street of Amritsar. Papad-Wadiyan you can buy from Papad Wadiyan Bazaar and Manjith Mandi. You can get the Plain Kulcha from Tare Di Hatti - Pushpa Market and also can try buying from shops near Golden Temple. 

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You can even take famous Amritsari Aloo Kulcha packed from famous eating places - Kulcha Land or Monu Kulcha Wala. Amritsar is also famous for the different types of Dry Fruits , infact some varieties available here are imported from Afghanistan. You can buy them from Mishri Bazaar and Hall Bazaar.


Amritsar offers a wonderful assortment of Gold and Silver Jewellery. Guru Bazaar an age-old market , which has been in existence since time immemorial is located between Guru Ka Mahal and Golden Temple having more than 2500 shops. Women specially visit this market to buy traditional jewellery made out of precious and semi-precious stones.

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Woollen Products

Amritsar offers a wide variety of woolen garments , sweaters , shawls etc available in the local market mainly in Hall Bazaar. The Hand Woven Carpets and Blankets are also sold in large quantities along with the shawls and mufflers which are world famous. The city caters to the needs of the people living in cold regions because it itself enjoys extreme temperatures.
The woollen blanket you can buy from Shastri Market shops like - Singanture Blankets.

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Religious Products

Last but not the least Amritsar has become a world supplier of religious items due to the manufacturing of important religious items here which are available in the vicinity of Golden Temple. You just name it, from Sikh Turbans to Karas and Khandas along with other symbols made of metal everything is available in this city. These are placed in a captivating and attractive manner in the shops. Sikhs all over the world use this and hence its market is expanding in a large scale.

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