Amritsari Food At Its Best!

Just a walk along the roads of Amritsar and you'll be greeted with tantalising aromas of the various authentic Punjabi delicacies! Known for its rich flavours and the natural blend of spices, the Punjabi cuisine is undoubtedly one of the most relished cuisines in the country. Gorge yourself with the Amritsari food , and explorethe various food joints nearby that are sure to tickle your taste buds for good!

Here are the best food joints and delicacies that Amritsar offers!

Amritsari Kulcha at Monu Kulcha, Loharka Road:

Nestled on Loharka Road, Monu Kulcha is one of the best food joints in Amritsar where mouth-watering Amritsari Kulchas are served at its best. Crispy and delicious, the kulchas have layers of gobi, paneer, aloo and ghee adding on to its speciality!

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Poori Channa & Bhaji at Kanha Sweets, Lawrence Road:

What's more delicious than hot, crispy pooris along with spicy channa and bhaji! Kanha Sweets, situated on Lawrence Road, serves you the ultimate in spice and taste! The aloo sabji and various sweet delicacies are a specialty too!

Lassi at Ahuja Lassi, Opp. DAV College:

Quench your thirst by sipping Punjab's very own lassi! With an apt blend of yoghurt and sugar , the lassi can be best savoured at Ahuja Lassi, situated opposite DAV College in Amritsar. A glass of lassi is sure to double your love for the Amritsar city!

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Kulfi Faluda at A-OneKulfa, Queens Road

One of the best dessert joints in Amritsar, A-One Kulfa, nestled on Queens Road, brings to you the best kulfi faludas  in the city. You're sure to experience a sweet tooth like never before!

Mutton Curry, Mutton Chaamp and Brain Curry at Mama Meat Shop and Prakash Meat Shop on Maqbool Road:

Mama Meat Shop and Prakash Meat Shop located on Maqbool Road, bring out the best non-vegetarians dishes in the city! Specialising in Mutton Curry, Mutton Chaamp and Brain Curry, these two food joints offer you an amazing dining experience.

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Alootikki and Papdi chaat at  Brijwasi Chaat and Rajasthani Chaat:

The chaat are a must-eat during your visit to Amritsar! Brijwasi Chaat and Rajasthani Chaat stand tall amidst the best eateries in the city, bringing out amazing chaat varieties. Alootikki and papdichaats should be on the must-try list!

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