Amritsar - The Unofficial Culinary Capital of India

What are the two most important things that you need when you are on a vacation or a leisure trip? That’s simple! A good place to live, and food joints where one can relish mouthwatering cuisines. There are several other places in India that can offer you a good place to live, but only a few can fulfill your inner desires of good food, and, without any doubt, Amritsar definitely belongs to that small group of places.

While Places like Lucknow, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, and many others, are famous for one, or maybe two, specific food item, Amritsar has the unique distinction of giving to the world a variety of food items that have a special place in the hearts of every hardcore foodie in this world.

From the world-famous Amritsari Kulcha to everyone’s favourite Tandoori Chicken, Amritsar has given some of the most delicious food items to the people of this world, earning Amritsar the unofficial title of ‘The Culinary Capital of India’. Here are 8 Food Items that everyone must relish on their visit to Amritsar

Amritsar Culinary

2. Puri/Bhatura Chhole:

If Amritsari Kulcha is the heart and soul of Amritsari Breakfast routine, then Puri or Bhatura, which is a fried bread made from Maida, is definitely at a close second behind Kulcha. Served along with Chhole, which is Punjabi for Chana Masala, and a mixture of pickles, Puri/Bhatura at some selective food joints are rated as among the best in India.

3. Special Amritsari Lassi:

How does one increase the aura and magic of Amritsari Kulcha in the morning? With A Big Glass of Special Amritsari Lassi right next to the plate of Kulcha. Made from Curd and Milk, the Amritsari Lassi, unlike its variants in other parts of the country, is sweet. However, what makes this variant so famous is the added flavour of Homemade Butter and (Indian Cream). A big glass of Lassi is the last thing you want to miss on your visit to Amritsar.

4. Tandoori Chicken:

Punjabi’s are known all over the world for their love-affair with Chicken – Be it preparing a chicken dish or enjoying a chicken dish. A visit to Amritsar cannot end without a treat of Tandoori Chicken as your evening snack. Served with sliced onions and green mint chutney/white sauce, with lemon juice squeezed on top of it, Tandoori Chicken from Amritsar is a must on every food enthusiast’s wish list while on a visit to the city.

5. Amritsari Fish:

Even in the presence of a variety of famous Chicken Dishes, there is one special food item from Amritsar that has managed to carve out its own cult following among Food goers – Fish Fry. Made from the fishes obtained in the rivers of Punjab, this deeply fried food item, when served with mint chutney and white sauce, can give any other famous evening snack a good run for their money.

6. Firni:

Of course, everyone needs a sweet and yummy dessert after their meal, and what’s better than a bowl of Amritsar’s special Firni adding the final touches to your meal. Made from rice and sugar and then covered with Silver Leaf and dry fruits, Firni is the best dessert for people who enjoy a light, yet satisfying, sweet dish while in Amritsar.

7. Lachhedar Parantha with Dal Makhani and Paneer:

Road-side restaurants by the name of Amritsari Dhabas can be found in every corner of the country now, but none of them can match the taste of the original. The Lachhedar Parantha, which is basically a flatbread with multiple layers, is a speciality of some of the oldest Dhabas of the city. Along with Dal Makhani and an item of Paneer, Lachhedar Parantha forms the main course that can relieve the hunger of any person in the world.

8. Guru Ka Langar:

There is one quote that is associated with Amritsar many times – You won’t sleep with an Empty Stomach if you are in the city. After all, Amritsar is the home of the Golden Temple, which has undoubtedly the biggest community kitchen in the whole world. Guru ka Langar, as it is commonly referred to as, is open to all and serves full-fledged meals to every visitor of the religious place.

Well, how can you not call a place that has such a large variety of Indigenous Food Items as the Culinary Capital of India? Amritsar has been home to some of the most delicious food items in India, and it will continue to serve the tourists in the future as well. Visit Amritsar, plan a stay at Hotel PR Residency, and give us the chance to enthral your taste buds with all these delicious food items.