Amritsar Village Tour

Get the true feel of how a Punjabi traditional village lifestyle today looks like by visiting a nearby local Amritsar village.This village tour offers an excellent opportunity to know lifestyle of the village people,giving you a whole new opportunity to see the real Punjab village.

You get an opportunity to learn many things about the lifestyle of the villagers. Get a chance to do the daily activities which they perform  such as milking their cows, plowing their fields over a tractor ride, preparing rotis on a traditional clay oven – chulha, preparing fodder and feeding their livestock etc.Dress up like a local punjabi villager by wearing a turban or pagri, dancing the bhangra  and take some amazing pictures together. Enjoy a delicious breakfast in a friendly village family house which is prepared from homegrown vegetables, oils and is as fresh as it can be. 

The activities chosen are very simple and can be carried out even by kids with the supervision of our guides and our friendly village people. The tour is also great for those who seek a deeper understanding of agriculture in Punjab – season of cultivation and collection of products such as wheat and paddy and know more about their utilization of the natural resources.

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