Amritsar Heritage Walking Tour

Heritage Walking Tour is a guided tour deep inside the narrow lanes of the 400 year old city of Amritsar. One gets to see Katras, Akharas Bungas, Havelis,and Hatties.
The walk takes you back in the time as you witness town planning , traditional trade and crafts being practiced in the same place and in the same manner as has been done for centuries. The tour commences from Partition Museum which was earlier Town Hall.Weaving its way through Qila Ahluwalia-a fort  with colonial-style architecture features-the walk brings you to the Jalebiwala Chowk. It continues to the sangwala & Chitta Akharas, rest-a-whiles for sadhus and Yogis to stay and practice religious ceremonies. Up ahead lies the Darshani Deori, marking the spot from where Sri Guru Arjan Dev and Sri Guru Hargobind would gaze out at an uninterrupted view of the Golden Temple. You will go past an ancient  Banyan tree that has stood its ground, untouched, since the Gurus; revered by all as Baba Bohar, the surrounding buildings have come up around its many branches. Then comes the Thakurdwara Mandir, the Chowrasti Atari having very fine architecture. Finally, you will reach an ancient passage flanked by the Churi Bazaar which leads you through an archway meant to connect mohallas and katras before reaching the Golden Temple gate. 

This walk is an opportunity to feel an internal part of this beautiful, sacred and vibrating city.

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